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Heel Spurs

A heel spur may sound like the back of a cowboy boot, but the term refers to bony growths that form at the heel. These

a surgical nurse with a tool during surgery

Is It Finally Time for Foot Surgery?

Nobody wants to get foot surgery, but that isn’t a big secret. Patients commonly express that sentiment. However, patients also commonly avoid visiting the doctor

Dr. Mark Nellermoe of Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

Welcome Dr. Mark Nellermoe!

Originally from South Dakota, Dr. Mark Nellermoe has over 20 years of experience here in the Pacific Northwest. Mark felt that podiatry was the best

Patient Education

Lapiplasty Versus Other Methods of Bunion Treatment

Lapiplasty versus the others Bunion Testimonials Frequently asked Questions BENEFITS OF LAPIPLASTY Bunions are among the most common orthopedic issues affecting the feet. Studies show

Caring for your Diabetes

How to Care For Your Diabetes

Caring for your Diabetes Diabetes Care Testimonials Frequently asked Questions Proper care for your diabetes Are you prediabetic, or do you have diabetes? You’re not

Coach prepping team for Fall sports
Patient Education

Getting Ready for Fall Sports

The new school year is around the corner, and it is going to be a little different this year due to COVID-19. Fall sports may